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Whisky blending workshop at Château du Barroux 

On the route of the Ventoux, the imposing silhouette of Château du Barroux catches the eye of the visitor. Do of course visit the 16th century château, but don’t miss the chance to discover the small spelt whisky distillery it houses, where you can even create your own cuvée.

Whisky from einkorn spelt

The castle has been owned by the Vayson de Pradenne family for almost 100 years, and the public has been able to visit more unexpected facets of it since the summer of 2021.
The history of this emblematic castle on the southern slope of Mont Ventoux goes back to the Middle Ages, but it took on the outlines recognised today with its corner towers and mullion windows in the 16th century. The château has withstood many upheavals, including wars of influence and religion, the French Revolution and German occupation during the second world war, before becoming a venue which welcomes visitors, whose thick walls whisper a thousand tales.

Today it is a place open to visitors, who enjoy seeing what’s behind the thick walls that whisper a thousand stories.

Visitors can look around the historic parts every day without booking, and enjoy a homemade pastry, ice cream or a grand cru coffee in the tearoom. But they can also book a tour of the whisky distillery facilities that have been installed there.
It is a distillery well-anchored in local life, as the current owners, Fanny and Jean-Baptiste Vayson de Pradenne, have started making whisky using organic einkorn from the Ventoux. The tour ends with a tasting of the raw and malted grain of course, the mash if you’re lucky enough to visit on a day they’re brewing, and the whisky currently being aged, directly taken from the barrel.


Open every day

Unaccompanied tour with a pamphlet (F-GB-D) about the castle and its history: €8.50/pers. for individuals, €7.50/pers. for groups (min. 10 pers.)

Tours of the distillery and tastings
on booking: €17.50/pers. for individuals, including the open visit of the castle (French-English) and the tasting of:

–        The raw and malted grain
–        Mash (if we are brewing on the day of the visit)
–        New Make (the grain eau de vie taken directly from the still)
–        Several references of world eaux de vie
–        Whisky in the barrel, currently being aged
For groups, €15/pers. (up to 25 people)

The tasting workshops (on reservation)

Assemble your own cuvée!
The château’s oenologist runs a workshop here which combines wine tasting theory and practice, making your own cuvée and of course, a tour of the château’s distillery. 
From 2 to 8 people
Lasts 2h
Languages: French/English
Rate: €85/pers.

Whisky tasting workshop with cheese or tartines
From 4 to 10 people
Lasts 2h30
Languages: French/English
Rate: €48/pers.

Discover French Whiskies or whiskhies from around the world with these workshops
The château’s oenologist runs a short training session which combines wine tasting theory and practice, an initiation to sensory analysis and of course, a tour of the château’s distillery. At the first workshop, you’ll be able to try 6 meticulously selected French whiskies and during the second workshop, you can taste whiskies from around the world, with 6 whiskies made from different 100% cereal recipes. 
From 4 to 10 people
Lasts 2h
Languages: French/English
Rate: €48/ pers (French whiskies) and €68/pers.


Château du Barroux

La Garenne,
84330 Le Barroux

Contact: Fanny Vayson de Praden

T. 33 (0)6 59 13 13 21

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