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Latest lavender news at Aroma’Plantes

On the southern slope of the Mont Ventoux, Aroma Plantes farm and organic distillery never fails to delight with their brand-new ways to discover lavender from every angle. As well as the discovery trails, the Aromatic Bar and a range of interactive workshops, they have just this year introduced a “Galerie du Temps” (Gallery Through Time).

The Gallery through time

Les différents métiers de la lavande

The “Galerie du Temps” is housed beneath the arched ceiling of a traditional stone sheep pen. Inside, visitors can explore different lavender-related crafts, illustrated using mannequins in 1900s-inspired costumes. Here, a sickle is being sharpened; there, lavender is trimmed; here, a traditional lavender wand is being fashioned to scent cupboards and wardrobes; and over there, an apothecary holds up a vial of lavender essential oil. These objects are former tools used by the family or have been sourced in local flea markets. Don’t miss this opportunity to step back a century to the time of washerwomen and travelling knife-grinders.

A savoir

Agriculteurs bios de la première heure, la famille Liardet cultive plantes aromatiques et petit épeautre sur le plateau de Sault, où la lavande s’étale en reine.

Aroma Plantes @ Kessler

Free entry

Don’t forget the many possibilities for a perfect summer’s day out for all the family:

Tour of the distillery, self-led by following the signs or guided tour (French, English, Spanish or German),

The Plantotheque, a leisurely stroll along terraces planted with herbs and equipped with informative panels,

The Lavandoscope, a museum space which enables visitors to find out all there is to know about Provence’s symbolic flower,

The Aromatic Bar, with its terrace below the great chestnut trees, where you can quench your thirst with herbal tea or aromatic fruit juice infused with flower water, or tuck into an einkorn flour crepe (the farm’s other produce), all 100% organic,

The two discovery trails which cross over fields of lavender, cornflower and rosemary,

The shop, newly expanded and renovated with a new section beneath a glass roof, filled with a multitude of products which are 100% “Aroma Plantes”, including lavender sachets, essential oils from various herbs, einkorn spelt, cosmetics, soap and more.

Interactive workshops are also on offer, by reservation only and in season:

Lavender outingstep into the shoes of a lavender farmer for half a day; head out to harvest your own lavender, distil it and leave with your own little flask of essential oil (from 4 to 24 people, €12/person, duration 2h30)

Adults’ soap-making workshop try your hand at making soap in the family lab, using the traditional method of cold saponification, and leave with your own handmade soap (€17/person, from 4 to 12 people, duration 2 hours)

“Apprentice soap-makers” workshop young people (aged 8 – 14) can discover cold saponification and make their own shower gel (€10/person, from 4 to 10 people, duration: 1 hour)

Cosmetics workshoptake your first steps in making skincare products (€18/person, from 4 to 12 people, duration 1h30)

For groups, all workshops are available, upon reservation on pre-arranged dates (minimum €180/group), as well as:

Lavender wand making workshop the group harvests sprigs of lavender which will be made into traditional lavender wands and secured with a ribbon of your choice. Each participant leaves with this iconic object, used to fragrance every wardrobe in Provence! (Duration: 1h30)


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