Aroma'Plantes Distillery SAULT

Organic family farm, lavender producer, specialised in medicinal and aromatic plants.

Aroma’Plantes is an organic farm, set up in 1978 and specialising in the production of aromatic and medicinal plants.

- Distillery tour: Aroma’Plantes offers free year-round guided tours of the distillery in French and English. You can watch distillation at harvest times, and find out how it works.

Learning about lavender:

- The Lavandoscope: A unique place, entirely dedicated to Lavender. You’ll find out everything there is to know about lavender: its history, its place in the today’s world, its botanical properties, and its uses.

- The Plantothèque: A journey punctuated by fun-fact questions, where you learn about plants and their scents in a light-hearted way.
Free access during opening hours.

Discovery trails:

- The Field Museum: Departing from the distillery, a sign-posted footpath takes you out into the middle of the lavender fields on a 1.4 km discovery trail that shows you how things have evolved over the decades – who knows what you might come across?
Duration: about 40 mins

- The open fields: For the more adventurous, this trail takes you up onto an arid, stony plateau where lavender thrives, a walk of 3.5 km.
Duration: about 1 hr 15 mins

These circuits departing from the distillery are free and open to anyone, accessible during opening hours.


- Lavender workshop:
Come pick and distill your own lavender.
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.30 pm, from 3 July to 23 August 2018, by reservation only.
Find out about traditional lavender cultivation, with the grower as your guide.
On the outing, you will: learn the history of lavender on the way to the field.
- Learn how to cut lavender with a sickle, and a “saquette” bag.
- Return to the distillery to weigh the harvest.
- Watch the distillation of your harvest
- Leave with a bottle of your distillation!
Guided activity in French and English
Adults (from 12 upwards): €12 (activity + bottle) - Children (from 6 upwards): €8 (activity + bottle)

- Soap Workshops:
Come and make your own soaps using simple and natural ingredients, essential oils and colours of your choice, so the soaps you bring home will be unique!
- Facilitated workshop:
Tuesdays at 2.30 pm from 10 April to 24 April 2018, and on 23 October & 30 October 2018
Mondays at 2.30 pm from 2 July to 20 August 2018
- The workshop is open to adults and children from 10 years old, accompanied by an adult. Price per person: €15
The Fuseaux workshops:
- Enjoy making your own decorated spray of lavender in the typical traditional shape. You will have a wide choice of ribbons, and naturally the lavender will have been cut in our fields.
You’ll leave with your own unique artwork, and will be able to enjoy this wonderful aroma – so specific to Provence – all year round!

Groups of 2 to 80 people

Adress / Contact

Distillerie Aroma'Plantes - Ferme La Parente
Route du Mont Ventoux
84390   Sault

T. 04 90 64 14 73


Longitude: 5.397111
Latitude: 44.102112