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The purpose of the site is to put information content on line, intended to facilitate the organization of a trip, stay or touristic visit to Vaucluse.
Site users therefore have access to information divided into thematic sections, to help them discover the destination, and also to give them access to practical information enabling them to organize and book their stay.
With respect to the presentation and sales of stay offers (not including Clévacances holiday rentals, part of which is marketed by the Vaucluse Provence Attractivité), the Vaucluse Provence Attractivité’s position is exclusively that of an intermediary between the users and the service providers. This role as intermediary is provided free of charge by Vaucluse Provence Attractivité for the purpose of providing information to the client. In spite of all the care taken in selecting these offers, Vaucluse Provence Attractivitécan in no way be held liable for any failings on behalf of a service provider with respect to the client

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Vaucluse Provence Attractivité makes every attempt to provide users with the most reliable and quality information possible, and works with a network of partners who contribute to updating the tourism information (tourism offices, professionals, networks, etc).
Vaucluse Provence Attractivitéhowever does not guarantee the accuracy and exhaustive nature of the information provided on the Site. Vaucluse Provence Attractivité is in no way liable for direct or indirect damage suffered by users or third parties, the origin of which could be the information provided on the Site, and more generally speaking, in checking and using the site. Prices are provided for information purposes only.
Under these conditions,Vaucluse Provence Attractivité declines all responsibility for direct or indirect damage suffered by users or third parties, the origin of which could be the information provided on the Site, relative to stay offers, and in the commercial undertakings entered into with service providers in charge of selling these offers. Furthermore, Vaucluse Provence Attractivité conducts no surveillance on the sites linked to the Site through hypertext links, and declines all liability with respect to these sites and the content they contain.
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