Automobile circuit - Antiques and crafts in the Sorgue area L'ISLE-SUR-LA-SORGUE

Isle sur la Sorgue: a lovely small town surrounded by the streams of the Sorgue river. Tranquil streets lined with plane trees, canals crisscrossing the town ... earning it the nickname of the Venice of the Comtat.
The Sunday morning outdoor Provencal market and the 300 antique dealers open every Saturday and Sunday have made an outstanding reputation for Isle sur la Sorgue. The town has the biggest concentration of antique dealers in France after Paris.
Be sure to see:
- The big Provencal market on Sunday mornings.
- The 7 antique dealer centers, known as "villages" in the city, and the flea market, out of doors along the river.
- The Donadéï de Campredon museum, home to prestigious exhibitions.
- The Baroque church.
- The "Partage des eaux" (parting of the waters): lovely area for strolling and picnicking by the Sorgue river, where it splits into 2 arms.

Take the D938 and the D25 to Fontaine de Vaucluse - where a deep spring surges from the earth. The source of the spring has not yet been discovered, despite countless explorations. Fontaine de Vaucluse is in a closed valley (Vallis Clausa) which gave the county of Vaucluse its name. Depending on the season and the rainfall, the water is a tame little spring or a surging fury.
- The site of the spring
- The Vallis Clausa paper mill, where paper continues to be made using the medieval methods.
Every step in paper making is seen and explained in this paper mill specialized in making paper with flowers in the pulp.
- The Ecomuseum on the swallowhole: caving equipment, reconstitution of sites and the Norbert Casteret's personal collection of crystallizations. In a life-size setting, see the research and explorations conducted at Fontaine de Vaucluse. Closed in December and January.
- The Ecomuseum on Santons and Provence Traditions: over 1500 figurines and automatons.
Old and new works, in terra cotta, adobe, wax. Works by santon makers from throughout Provence. See the old trades, small villages, over 60 crèche scenes, scenes from Pagnol… Video on how santons are made.

Return to Isle sur la Sorgue on the D25 road.

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