Les incontournables de Vaison-la-Romaine

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The prestigious heritage of Viaison-la-Romaine, dating back to antiquity and Medieval times, is well worth a day's visit. You can easily get around on foot, as the town is fairly small.The archaeological museum, a truly educational place, showcases a rich variety of items from everyday life, alongside imperial statues and decorative elements onced used in patrician homes (mosaics, painted plaster, sculptures). The early Middle Ages left their mark with archetypal Roman buildings (cathedral and cloister, St. Quenin chapel). A little later, in the 13th century, the population moved to a more defensible position on the rocky heights of the Ouvèze river's left bank, and a new settlement grew around the foot of the Comtes de Toulouse castle. Choose from a wide range of guided tours, such as:--The ancient site of La Villasse The shopping street, a wide paved road flanked by the pedestrian street, bears witness to the thriving economy of ancient times. The luxury of the townhouses and public baths brings to mind the Romans' inimitable "art de vivre". --The ancient site of Puymin The tour takes you past the affluent townhouses, the porticoed sanctuary, the crafts neighbourhoods and the ancient Roman theatre, still in use today as a theatre and leisure venue.--Notre Dame de Nazareth cathedral and its cloister, and Saint Quenin chapel with its triangular apse and sumptuous antique-style decor, are both fine examples of Romanesque art in Provence, a region deeply marked by five centuries under the dominance of episcopal power. --The Haute-Ville (upper town) is nestled on a rocky promontory on the left bank of the Ouvèze river, presided by a castle built in the late 12th century by the Comte de Toulouse. Rising above the houses are a number of civic buildings: the belfry tower, the town hall, the second cathedral (15th-18th c.), the Penitent Blancs chapel. It's a charming ensemble of narrow cobbled streets, quaint little squares with fountains and traditional townhouses. -- A range of educational workshops (for school groups): Lamplight shows, epigraphy, performances at the antique theatre, mosaics... Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish (for individuals, video guides on request, €3 / pers., FR - EN - D - NL) Prices 2017: from €72 for a site, a monument, or a part of the city (excluding public holidays) Tour of Vaison, from antiquity to the Middle Ages: €144 (excluding public holidays).


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Les incontournables de Vaison-la-Romaine
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Longitude: 5.074154
Latitude: 44.241632


Longitude: 5.074154

Latitude: 44.241632