Avignon 2015: reopening of the Lambert Collection, Luminessences sessions in English

New in Avignon in 2015: the Collection Lambert, one of the finest contemporary art collections in France, re-opens after being closed for a year and a half for works, with a floor space doubled. Les Luminessences Sound and Light show, which offers a powerful 3-D vision of the history of Avignon, will run sessions in English. Lastly, the town will have its official, prestigious venue to show off the wines of the Rhône Valley: le Carré du Palais.

Collection Lambert © Franck Couvreur

Collection Lambert © Franck Couvreur


The extended Lambert Collection re-opens in June


The Parisian collector and gallery owner Yvon Lambert put Avignon on the world map of contemporary art in 2000 by moving his collection into the magnificent Hôtel de Caumont, owned and lent to him by the city. In July 2015, after more than a year of work, the Collection re-opens its doors with double the floor space – now 3600m² – and two major exhibitions to celebrate the renovation and its 15 years of existence.


With a collection of 1,200 works from the 1960s to today, the Lambert Collection boasts one of the finest collections of contemporary art in France. All the great names in painting, sculpture, video, installation and photography are there, now gathered in the huge bright rooms of two mansions: Hôtel de Caumont, the original building which will continue housing temporary exhibitions, as well as Hôtel Montfaucon, adjoining it, which will now be home to the permanent collection.

An amphitheatre, a large reception room, two exterior courtyards and a “project room” will be the new setting for a rich cultural programme (videos and films, performances, concerts, dance, theatre…).

There will also be an apartment for artists in residence, a place for restoring works and areas dedicated to educational activities.


2 exhibitions planned in 2015: one of masterpieces from the collection, including some monumental works never shown since the inaugural exhibition in 2000, and a temporary exhibition which will mark a first historic collaboration with the Avignon Festival.


Collection Lambert – www.collectionlambert.fr  – information@collectionlambert.com



Basquiat chez Lambert © Pascal Martinez

Basquiat chez Lambert © Pascal Martinez



Les Luminessences 3D Sound & Light Show at the Palace of the Popes – 3rd season


Every evening from 12th August to 3rd October 2015


As the night falls, the very stones of the Palace, witnesses of a time when Avignon was the capital of Christendom, will vibrate again with life and plunge you into 360 degrees of sound and images! In the main courtyard of the Popes’ Palace, the audience is placed in the heart of monumental 3D images and sequences for 35 minutes. You thought you knew about the fantastic history of the Popes in Avignon and the Palace they built? Now experience it!

The show will be running for the third year; it was performed for the first time in the summer 2013, and again in 2014, each time with a huge success.


2 performances each day: 9.15pm / 10.15pm.


NEW in 2015:    English performance at 10:15pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Entrance fee: €10/person. €8 group rate


For groups: rooms in the Palace of the Popes can be privatised before a show, for a cocktail or a dinner. Contact: f.jullian@avignon-tourisme.com





Luminessences © Valérie Gillet

Luminessences © Valérie Gillet


And also:


The Carré du Palais: a showcase for the wines of the Rhone Valley


Avignon, Capital of the Côtes du Rhône, needed a prestigious venue to show off the wines of the Rhone Valley to best advantage. Now it has one: the magnificent 18th-century mansion of Calvet de la Palun, one of the last mansions built in papal Avignon and former Banque de France, began its metamorphosis in 2014 to provide for 2015 a new exceptional location: the Carré du Palais.

A wine school, wine tourism venue, Rhone wine bar, gourmet restaurant with renowned chef, luxurious suites and upscale boutiques find their home here between Place de l’Horloge and the Palais des Papes.




Carré du Palais © Jérôme Ubassy

Carré du Palais © Jérôme Ubassy

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