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L’Odyssée Sonore at the Roman Theatre of Orange

For the second year, the Roman Theatre will offer us the Odyssée Sonore, an immersive show scheduled for almost a hundred evenings in 2024.

The Roman Theatre: exceptional acoustics

Since its construction by the Romans over 2000 years ago, the Roman Theatre of Orange has been designed as an amazing venue for sound.

Its acoustics are due to its unique stage wall, which Louis XIV called “the most beautiful wall of my kingdom”. Unusually, while from the 5th century ancient sites became open-air quarries looted to build churches and other public or Christian buildings, this wall resisted.

It owes its salvation to its new function as a rampart against barbarians. In the 19th century, the theatre resumed its function as a stage and welcomed the greatest voices of opera, with the emergence of the Chorégies festival in 1869. Since then, the excellence of its acoustics, which are unique in the world, captivates spectators and musicians.

Le Théâtre Antique : une acoustique exceptionnelle

Orange, the setting for sound innovation

Since taking over management of the monument last year, the company Edeis has set itself the goal of proclaiming this heritage and making the theatre a place where sound innovation would be the common theme, with sound as a driver of emotions serving the discovery of heritage.

By enlisting the expertise of specialists in sound design and video-mapping using artificial intelligence, they worked to deploy a show route on which spectators stroll, equipped with a smartphone and very high-definition audio headphones.

Thanks to this geolocated material, visitors choose their own route. From the creation of the world to the birth of the muses, a multitude of deities and mythological characters populate fantastic landscapes created by AI.

250 people. This is the maximum capacity of simultaneous visitors

Orange, scène de l’innovation sonore

Practical information

Rue Madeleine Roch
84100 Orange
T. +33 (0)4 90 51 17 60

Contact for tour operators:
T. +33 (0)6 62 56 20 49

88 dates from 29st March to 30rd December 2024 (times vary depending on nightfall)
Approximately 45 minutes for a complete tour
Rate: €22/person
Reduced or group rate: €18/person
Preferential rates for combined day visit tickets

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