Destination Artisanat: visits to Provence craftspeople

It’s not always easy to visit the workshops of artisans in the fields of crafts or food: you need to be able to find them, make sure they’re around and available, and be immersed in the region’s specific culture. Sarah Cheron knows them all, and offers guided day or half-day visits to their workshops for individuals and groups.

In 2017 Sarah Cheron set up her own small tourism business, Destination Artisanat, to bring visitors closer to the world of Provence craftspeople. She got the inspiration when she worked at the Chambre des Métiers (Chamber of Trades), helping to organise the Route des Métiers d’Art et de Gourmandise, a ‘crafts and good food’ route through Vaucluse. Sarah takes visitors on a tour of selected workshops for a day or half-day, giving the artisans a chance to show their specialist craft involving wood, metal, almonds, honey, or whatever it might be. The idea is to facilitate encounters with people who are passionate about what they do – as craftspeople usually are.

It’s an excellent initiative, in light of how much visitors love beautiful, locally-produced and hand-made products – and how hard it can be to meet the people who produce them in these one-person and family businesses.

Price guidelines:

€75 per person for a half-day (2 visits)

€150 per person for a full day (4 visits)

1 to 8 people – for bigger groups, please contact Sarah.


Destination Artisanat

Sarah Cheron

T. 33 (0)6 56 77 12 76


All photos © Sarah Cheron