A Chef comes to your home

plat_BD.JPGAmong the broad selection of Provençal cooking classes available in the Vaucluse département (click here for the complete list on our travel trade website), we have chosen to focus on a new trend: cooking classes in the home, usually associated with “Chef à domicile” services (where a Chef goes to your home to cook). This is an ideal supplement to the rental of a villa, a big family gathering during the summer holidays or a small corporate seminar held in a group of “gîtes”. Here is a short selection:


portrait.jpgFor long fascinated by cuisine, Christine Garcia has chosen to take advantage of her retirement to learn to master this trade and launch into a new adventure as “Chef à domicile” (chef in your home). She likes her cuisine tasty, of course, in season and also for every budget. She goes to cook in people’s homes with all the necessary ingredients and equipment. You can choose from the following options:

  • “Chef à domicile” services with 3 pre-established menus (Régal, Gourmand or Festif) or on specific request. Among the dishes proposed, we can mention: cream of pumpkin soup with foie gras ice cream and hazelnut breadsticks, ravioles de langoustines (ravioli with langoustine), peas with mint and shellfish sauce, iced nougat with almond tuile biscuits. All produce is fresh and local, whenever possible, and all the pasta (ravioli, etc) homemade. Prices: from €25/person (“Régal” menu for groups of over 12 participants,) to €55/person (“Festif” menu for 2 to 5 participants).
  • Cooking and pastry workshops: techniques and dishes on request.

plat_principal.JPGPrice for a 2-hour workshop:
€50/person (discount starting with the 3rd participant)

Languages spoken:
Spanish, English and some Russian

Cuisine, partage et gourmandises,
Christine Garcia, Avignon www.cuisinepartageetgourmandises.frcontact@cuisinepartageetgourmandises.fr
T. +33 (0)6 25 80 32 36


co.jpgCorinne has been a Chef for 25 years and passionately loves her profession. What she likes most of all is sharing her love of cuisine and fine products in best of spirits. She has written a recipe book, Le Festin de Corinne, and offers her services as “Chef à domicile” (to spare the lady of the house having to cook for a social or family event) as well as cooking classes. She optimises the utensils in the homes which greet her and can purchase all the products necessary for the workshop or meal on request.
Sliding scale of rates according to number of participants (e.g., €65/person for a 3-hour workshop, minimum of 4).
Tian.jpgChildren’s workshops, too
“Chef à Domicile” services (A Chef in your home): from €35/hour, purchase of products possible (extra charge)

Languages spoken:
English, Italian, Spanish

Le Festin de Corinne
Corinne Patin, at Mazan
T. +33 (0)6 19 96 62 72


portrait_Pascal.jpgOne of the most renowned chefs in the Vaucluse until last year, the young Pascal Poulain just exchanged his restaurant range cooker for the small cooking equipment he now finds in people’s kitchens! After having first officiated at restaurant Le Four à Chaux in Caromb, he acquired a loyal local clientele at the very trendy Le Dolium in Beaumes-de-Venise, delighted with the subtlety of his refined flavours, his art of presenting food and his perfect cooking time. Frustrated by too little contact with the aficionados of his cuisine, he had very successfully launched weekly cooking classes in the restaurant at the start of his adventure at Le Dolium. At the end of 2012, he left the establishment to his successor in order to dedicate all his efforts to a solo adventure better suited to his aspiration for independence and sharing his culinary know-how.
verrines.jpgIn practice: Pascal brings only very little equipment, so participants can easily reproduce his recipes. Products and wines provided.
Cooking workshops from €90/person, minimum of 3 participants.
Meal for accompanying persons: from €30 to €50 according to the menu.
English interpreter available on request

Pascal Poulain
Un Chef chez vous
T. +33 (0)6 71 18 97 74

portrait_BD.jpgThis Chef, formerly with the prestigious Domaine La Verrière at Le Crestet, shares his life between the United States in winter and Provence in summer. As much at ease in the kitchen as before an audience, in French, English or even Spanish, he generously shares his knowledge and techniques with all those who want to learn more about French and Provençal cuisine, which he perfectly masters! In addition to the regular classes he holds at Le Marmiton, at the 5-star La Mirande hotel in Avignon, he also offers to teach or cook in people’s homes.


  • “Chef à domicile” service: €75/person, plus ingredients; minimum of 4 participants
  • Cooking classes: €100/person plus the cost of ingredients; minimum of 4 participants. Classes are generally preceded by a visit to the local market to choose fresh products and prepare menus according to season and clients’ desires.

Sliding scale of rates from 9 people and more.

plat.JPGLanguages spoken :
English, French, Spanish

Jonathan Chiri
T. +33 (0)6 46 89 85 33 – JonAVandNO@gmail.com
Available from May to September.